Honoring Your Life by Making Decisions BEFORE a Crisis Happens!


The What if … Workbook is an easy to use, fill in the blank guide that helps users get their affairs together in one convenient location. One philosophy behind the What if … program is that each and every one of us in HONORING our lives by taking the time to get our ‘stuff’ written down. ie. financial information (account numbers, user names, passwords), who to contact, legal documents (where are they??), end of life wishes, what kind of service to have (scriptures, hymns, psalms), or maybe you don’t want a service, who will take care of your pets, and much, much more.

Most people don’t know where to start when dealing with these ‘difficult to think about’ issues. The What if … Workbook will lead you through the process in a simple, straightforward way.  Just fill in the blanks! But … once completed, remember to share with your loved ones that you have done so, and where it is located. Is it time to purchase one for yourself, your spouse, your family members? Hard copy, ebook and Get it Started audio tutorial all available on the Purchase page!


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