Did Prince leave a Will? What chaos might ensue if not??


I believe this is a true learning opportunity for us all. At this point in time, it appears that multi-millionaire music icon Prince did not take the time (and consideration) to get his affairs together in the case of his death. I saw on the news that a friend asked him, “so have you made plans for your estate/music for when you are gone?” Prince replied to him, “I will never be gone.”

What??? Once we are born, it is inevitable that we will also be ‘gone’ at some point. Hopefully we will live long, healthy, happy, productive lives, but without doubt we shall all pass from this earth. We have no control over when, that’s to be sure!

What we CAN control is our preparation for when we DO pass. Getting our affairs written down. Communicate to our families and/or loved ones where this information is located. Fill in the What if … Workbook, sit with those you trust and share your ‘stuff’ with them.: who to contact, financial information, end of life wishes, funeral planning, special gifts, location of legal documents, and much more. Make good decisions while you are well, of sound mind and body, BEFORE a crisis happens.

Because Prince did not leave a Will specifying what to do with his estate, as of this writing it will be divided between his sister and half siblings, many of whom he had not seen for years. Is this what he would have wanted? Have you set up your important documents so that your estate is distributed to the people you love most? I repeat .. this is an important learning opportunity for us. Do not delay … be considerate to those you love … don’t wait until you ‘are gone’.

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