THANK YOU! from Emma in New Zealand

In October I received the following thanks from Emma but just stumbled upon it again. She really ‘gets’ what the What if … Workbook is all about. I am so thrilled that she found it to be a valuable resource to help her and her husband get their affairs together.

Thank YOU Emma!!

Hello Gwen

My husband and I went to a funeral last week of a dear friend who dropped dead while walking to the gym! I am constantly having the discussion with my husband about making a funeral plan and knowing what his wishes are and he’s reluctant to discuss them with me. However, the suddenness of our friend’s death and the fact that he left no plan in place at all, has brought home to us the necessity of having something in writing that we and our family can use in the (certain) eventuality of our own deaths.
I was doing research online and found a couple of websites that I thought provided what I wanted but realised that I had to fill them out online and then submit them to their website where they would be stored “securely”. As the Ashley Madison scandal has taught the world, no website is safe and I certainly don’t want all my financial and personal details stored in someone else’s system to be hacked into at a later date.Then I came across this article in the New York Times and right at the end of it was just what I was looking for, your book!
It’s going to take a while to fill it out I can see, but I also found another website that gets the ball rolling so armed with them both, I’m hoping I can finally get some information out of not only my husband but my adult children as well! Sadly, I wish I’d thought of doing this earlier as my parents are in their 90′s now and both have dementia, and as a result, I have very little idea of their true wishes. 
Sorry to be so verbose! 
Warm regards from (cold wintery) New Zealand