Happy Valentine’s Day … the day of love!

I would like to introduce my friend and colleague Kat Ogar, the proud owner of Infinite Health and Wellness. It is Kat’s mission to help us all have good health in body, mind and spirit. I received her newsletter yesterday and found it full of such great information that I wanted to share it here on my blog. (yes .. Kat gave me her permission!) Please click this link to view the newsletter.  http://app.getresponse.com/archive/kat/My-Top-Tips-for-Keeping-the-Heart-Fires-Burning-108411201.html?e=&u=SjxGl

First of all, she gives fabulous advice about good communication between partners. It is so simple yet so profound. My hubby and I went out for a ‘day before the storm’Valentine dinner last night and I shared with him her ‘reframing’ advise. It was very well taken and I look forward to using it from now on when things get ‘testy’ between us. Her reminders of appreciation and flirtation   can never be said enough … after almost 32 years of marriage, I know that I certainly need these reminders. Good stuff!

Kat is newly venturing into the world of Essential Oils, which offer a wonderful way to add to good health. She is offering an invitation to an event to learn more about the magic of Essential Oils and how they can help a variety of health issues.

Her recipe for a healthy Chicken Tamale Pie looks incredible … I certainly plan on giving it a try!

I had never heard of the Clean Sweep Program, but it looks like a fabulous self evaluation tool. I have already printed it out and am ready to get started!

Thank you Kat, for your informative newsletter! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband .. he is one lucky man!

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