Living Your Life Fully

Living in a coastal town (Scituate, MA) is such a joy … especially in the warm summer months. Here in New England the summer goes by way too quickly … it’s really only about 8 weeks of ‘true’ summer weather, unless we are blessed with a warm and sunny Spring or Fall. This summer I am very mindful of getting out as much as possible to enjoy all the things I love: bike riding, beach walking, kayaking, reading/resting at the beach, boating.

My What if … philosophy is this:

1. Get your affairs together in one location (hopefully using the What if … Workbook which will make it so much easier!)
2. Communicate to your loved ones that you have done so, and where the information can be found.
3. Live your life fully!! … knowing that you have given your family a true gift of preparedness.

What do you do to make the most of each and every day??