The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

blog hurricane Sandy Scituate photo

I have to admit, I was feeling quite smug while reading the ‘Emergency Scroll’ on the bottom of the TV during recent Hurrican Sandy. (please let me add here that we were SO LUCKY to have never lost power at all during the storm … my thoughts and prayers go out to the residents and businesses that were devastated in New York and New Jersey. The damage truly was horrific) I live in the coastal town of Scituate, MA, and we usually bear the brunt of most major storms. This time we experienced some flooding, high winds, a wild ocean, but no major damage.

For the past 7 years I have been out in the community giving presentations about the What if … Workbook and what’s it’s all about, which is basically being prepared, getting your affairs together, written down, in one place, while being well and of sound mind and body … BEFORE a crisis happens. I encourage my What if … Workshop participants to fill in the Workbook and then put it, together with important papers, in a portable, fireproof lockbox that can be grabbed if something unexpected were to occur, like a flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane! I suggest they hide it in an obsure place, but somewhere that can be accessed quickly. Why hide it? Because they have written down their banks, account numbers, passwords, usernames, etc. Information that you would not want to be found by just anyone!

So why was I feeling so smug? Well, smug may not be exactly the correct word here, but the ‘Emergency Scroll’ said, “If you need to evacuate, when you come to your local shelter please bring all your important papers with you: birth certificates, passports, social security cards, etc..”. So I guess I was feeling satisfied with the thought that if someone had previously purchased the What if … Workbook, filled it out, put the Workbook and all of their important papers in a safe container, then they would have been prepared, and blessing the fact that they had taken the time to get prepared … BEFORE the crisis!