Welcome to the “new and improved” What if … Workbookwebsite, and special greetings to our new Blog!

Getting one’s affairs in order and communicating to loved ones about our “stuff,” final wishes, and legacy, is often viewed as difficult to discuss.  But it is so necessary!  We hope to offer helpful and encouraging information to assist you in this process.

The purpose of this Blog is to communicate about various issues that arise from filling out the Workbook.  We hope that you check back often for useful information and helpful hints!  Topics that will be addressed:

  • The importance of getting your affairs organized.
  • Communicating to your family and/or loved ones that you have made some crucial decisions, written them down, and letting them know where they are located.
  • Filling out important forms (wills, trusts, health care proxies, durable power of attorney, advanced directives) while of sound mind and body… NOT waiting until a crisis occurs.
  • Final wishes: Do you want to be buried or cremated?  If buried, where?  If cremated, what would you like to be done with the ashes?  Do you want a blow-out party to celebrate your life, or a private family/friends gathering?
  • Encouraging dialog between family members/loved ones on decisions around these issues.
  • And, MOST important!  Living your life fully and mindfully, with intent and purpose!

Our intention is to share stories, resources, and professional advice.  We also hope to collaborate with colleagues who have an expertise in the above matters, who may weigh in with “guest blogs.”

We hope you enjoy our new website and blog, and look forward to hearing your ideas, comments, and suggestions.

- Gwen Morgan